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Minding Your Mental Health: Depression

Beth Hess - Wednesday, June 07, 2017
Last month we talked about anxiety disorders in adults. This month we address the topic of depression. Like anxiety disorders, depression is common. Nearly one in four women and one in six men experience depression during their lifetime. Caregivers who are caring for a child with special needs may be particularly vulnerable, since it has been shown that major stressful life events can bring on a depressive episode. Fortunately, a number of very successful treatments exist for depression.

If you are experiencing overwhelming feelings of sadness, significant changes in eating or sleeping habits, or changes in interest levels, you may want to take the depression screening provided by Mental Health America.

The screening tool will provide you with information and suggestions depending on your score. You may opt to receive any of the following: 
  • a phone number to get immediate support or guidance
  • additional information about mental health
  • referrals to local Mental Health America affiliates or other organizations that can help
  • worksheets on coping skills to use at home
  • an online, mobile program or app that can help you track or manage your symptoms

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