Our Impact

CONNECTION, Support, Empowerment

...for parents, caregivers, children and young adults experiencing mental health, substance use and/or other behavioral health challenges.

MCF's staff in every Maryland county and Baltimore City:

  • work with caregivers to help them access needed supports and services for their families
  • support and amplify the youth voice
  • empower family members to advocate for improving services in all systems of care for children, youth and families

Our services last year included:


information and referral calls

helping parents and caregivers access resources and make connections in their community


one-to-one support meetings with families

personalized, individual help from a trained staff member who themselves has cared for a child with special needs


support group sessions

connecting parents, caregivers, youth and young adults to others facing similar issues


trainings and presentations

building knowledge and skills among parents, caregivers, youth and young adults

Program highlights:

24 parents and caregivers from across the state, including dads, moms, guardians, foster parents, grandmothers and great-grandmothers, graduated from the 13th annual Family Leadership Institute (FLI). FLI is an intensive 60-hour, six-weekend training experience designed to train caregivers to become advocates in their communities and at the state level.

45 young adults participated in the 4th annual Youth Leadership Retreat, hosted by MCF's Taking Flight, in partnership with On Our Own Maryland's Transitional Age Youth Outreach (TAY) Project. This peer-led event helps young adults understand that they are not alone, encourages them to start putting goals into motion and be ready to use their voice to make things better for themselves and others.

About 200 family members, youth, advocates, legislators and their staff gathered at MCF’s annual Family Day in Annapolis to urge elected officials to support children’s mental health.

"I've learned that there are others with special needs children... that are like our family... I look forward to helping other parents and advocating for other children."

— Anne, mother of four

"This was a life-changing experience and I will never forget it."

— Taking Flight youth

Support families caring for a child with mental health, substance use and/or other behavioral health needs.

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