Youth Helping Youth

Support Statewide for Young Adults Aged 16 to 26: Taking Flight

“Never give up on yourself.”

— Taking Flight Youth

Taking Flight is a council of young adult leaders (aged 16 to 26) working to empower young adults as they prepare for independent lives, facilitate system collaboration, promote acceptance and education, and reduce stigma in areas including mental health, LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning or queer) and foster care.

Taking Flight helps facilitate and support the development of a young adult peer network in Maryland and organizes an annual young adult leadership retreat with other peer groups in Maryland. Taking Flight also brings the voices of youth to groups through panel presentations and an annual art project.

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Prince George’s County Youth Peer Support Group and Youth Advisory Council 

“Opening up and being myself is important.”

— Taking Flight Youth

Maryland Coalition of Families, as part of the Prince George’s County System of Care Expansion Implementation Grant in partnership with the Prince George’s County Health Department, is overseeing the development and implementation of a youth peer support group and youth advisory council for the county. 

Youth Peer Support Group
Meeting monthly at the District Heights Youth Services Bureau, the youth peer support group brings together middle school and high school age youth to learn about peer support and focus on topics related to mental health, substance use and behavioral health. Youth are given the opportunity to have a voice on issues affecting their lives through activities and discussion while learning how to appropriately advocate for themselves and their peers at school and in their communities. 

Youth Advisory Council
The youth advisory council is currently recruiting for young adults with lived experience in the Prince George’s County behavioral health system aged 18-23 years old to develop a young adult peer network in Prince George’s County. The goal of the Council is to empower young adults as they prepare for independent lives, and engage in system collaboration within the county, while representing the youth voice. Download the flyer to learn more.