Family Leadership Retreat (FLR)

If you've ever thought:

  • You've been through it all finding help for your child...
  • No other family should go through what we've been through...
  • You wanted to get involved and didn't know how...

The Family Leadership Retreat is for you!

The Family Leadership Retreat is:

A free, two-day training program for parents and caregivers of a pre-school-age child with mental health and/or other behavioral health needs. This is a program that:

Prepares caregivers to be better advocates for their child and all children and youth who have mental health/behavioral challenges.

Prepares parents to be leaders in improving our system of care for children with mental health/behavioral challenges.

Calling parents and caregivers who are affiliated with the hub in western Maryland and have a pre-school aged child with mental/behavioral health needs!

Why should parents and caregivers take a leadership class?

Access to information, training, resources and skill building opportunities

Become a more effective leader in building a better system of care for children and youth

Meet and learn from dedicated leaders and professionals in the children’s mental/behavioral health field

Make connections and share information, stories, and support with other parents

The retreat provides a welcoming space for you to learn how to help your child by:

  • Collaborating with your child's school
  • Empowering you to promote the needs of your child, family and community
  • Taking care of yourself