Our Impact

CONNECTION, Support, Empowerment

...for families experiencing mental health, substance use and/or gambling issues.

MCF's staff in every Maryland county and Baltimore City:

  • work with caregivers and other loved ones to help them access needed supports and services for their families
  • support and amplify the youth voice
  • empower family members to advocate for improving services in all systems of care for children, youth, adults and families

Our services last year included:



of young people with behavioral health needs, including mental health and substance use challenges, received individualized peer support


individuals connected

to news, information and resources through MCF’s newsletter, website and social media channels


school meetings attended with families

to build better partnerships between the family and school


support meetings with families

provided them with personalized, individual help

Download the Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Report.

Program highlights:

23 parents and caregivers from across the state, including grandmothers, aunts, foster and adoptive parents, moms and dads, graduated from the 15th annual Family Leadership Institute (FLI). FLI is an intensive 60-hour, six-weekend training experience designed to train caregivers to become advocates in their communities and at the state level.

21 young adults from six Maryland jurisdictions connected with peers and learned how to strategically share their own experiences to help others through a one-day Leadership Retreat in April.


165 family members and advocates gathered for MCF’s 18th Annual Family Day in Annapolis. Families traveled from all 24 of Maryland’s jurisdictions.

"I've learned that there are others with special needs children... that are like our family... I look forward to helping other parents and advocating for other children."

— Anne, mother of four

"This was a life-changing experience and I will never forget it."

— Taking Flight youth

Support families caring for a child with mental health, substance use and/or other behavioral health needs.

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