Help for Loved Ones

Our trained staff, who themselves have cared for a young person or adult with substance use issues, are here for you.

One-to-one support for your family is available through an MCF Family Peer Support Specialist. A Family Peer Support Specialist is a parent, caregiver or other loved one who has cared for a young person or adult with substance use issues and has been trained to help other families. They know about the services in Maryland and in their community, and how to apply for them.

A Family Peer Support Specialist will listen to your concerns and can help you to:

  • Access evaluation, assessment and treatment services
  • Find recovery services and supports
  • Understand insurance coverage
  • Know your rights as a parent or caregiver
  • Connect to other families dealing with similar challenges
  • Access mental health services
  • Learn about the continuum of services and supports available within the judicial system 

Any loved one can call a Family Peer Support Specialist to request assistance. There is no cost for services.

Find a Family Peer Support Specialist in your community.

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Family Peer Support is offered through contracts for Family Navigation in some jurisdictions. Meet MCF's funders.

Additional services may be available through Targeted Case Management Plus. Contact your Care Coordination Organization or Core Service Agency to learn more.  

"Thank you so much for calling. So much of this is about my daughter. It was really refreshing today to finally have someone ask me about me."

— Mother 

"Our hearts are filled with love knowing there are wonderful people in this world that I have had the privilege to meet through this difficult time [with my daughter]. I am so grateful that you are here for us."

— Parent

"My Family Peer Support Specialist was very compassionate and caring concerning my son and the struggles that he was facing. She helped me feel more relaxed and comforted me with her words of encouragement and compassion. She is extremely knowledgeable and educated in dealing with addiction."

— Caregiver