Family Voice in Annapolis

Maryland flag draped over dark wood planks with words bringing family voice to annapolis


The 2024 Family Day in Annapolis is scheduled for

Thursday, January 25, 2024!

Stay tuned for more details!


Since 2000, Maryland Coalition of Families has ensured family voice is heard in Annapolis so that elected representatives understand how legislation under consideration impacts individuals with behavioral health challenges and their families.

Family Day in Annapolis

During the annual Maryland General Assembly session, MCF brings families to Annapolis from across Maryland to advocate for children, youth and adults with behavioral health needs, including mental health and substance use challenges.  Participants meet with their elected representatives and share their stories and perspectives on bills that impact them.  Families get the opportunity to speak directly to elected representatives from their districts. The experience is empowering for families and legislators often state that the stories families share have helped them understand the importance of bills under consideration. MCF provides transportation, breakfast and lunch, and arranges the meetings with legislators.

Please check back in December for an update on Family Day in Annapolis during the next Maryland General Assembly!

Testimony Before the General Assembly

As bills come before the General Assembly, MCF invites families to provide written or oral testimony on legislation that is important to  them and their loved one.  Testifying in hearings in front of legislators offers families another opportunity to have their voice heard.  If requested, MCF can help the person testifying draft their statements, submit written testimony and/or practice delivering oral testimony.


To be an effective legislative advocate, its important to be informed! Make it a point to:

  • Get to know your elected officials
  • View Maryland bills that impact mental health and/or substance use

For more information about how to get involved with MCF's advocacy efforts, please contact Christi Green, Executive Director