The MCF Difference: Connecting through Shared Experience

Maryland Coalition of Families is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization founded in 1999 and governed by a Board of Directors comprised of at least 51% of people with lived experience caring for someone with a behavioral health challenge.

Our Mission

Using our personal experience caring for loved ones with behavioral health needs, we connect, support and empower Maryland’s families and advocate to improve systems that impact individuals with behavioral health challenges.

Our Vision

We envision wellness and a stigma-free community that values the perspective of those who love and care for anyone with a behavioral health challenge.

We Believe

  • Children, youth and adults with behavioral health needs are valued and require individualized services to achieve their full potential.
  • Parents and caregivers are equal partners in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating services.
  • People with behavioral health needs do best when loved ones are active partners in their care.
  • Effective services for individuals and families should build on their identified strengths and be responsive to their needs.
  • Local and state systems of care must be culturally and linguistically competent and respectful of the person with behavioral health needs and their loved ones.
  • Recovery is possible.

Our Values

  • We respect the dignity and individual differences of each family.
  • We honor the rights of parents and caregivers to play an active role when making decisions for their children.
  • We work in partnership with providers, policymakers, administrators and other advocacy organizations to improve systems that touch individuals with behavioral health challenges.
  • We are responsible for providing families with understandable, complete and accurate information.
  • We are committed to self-empowerment of loved ones through support, training and education.
  • We are accountable to families, the community and to funders for the performance and quality of services and supports provided by MCF.
  • We respect and embrace the unique qualities, characteristics and identities of all those we serve and treat everyone compassionately and without judgement.