Building the Future of Family Peer Support

MCF Launches Its New 3-Year Strategic Plan Effective July 1, 2024

MCF’s Board of Directors has approved and enacted a new 3-Year Strategic Plan designed to expand and elevate the voices of families who love someone with a mental health, substance use, or problem gambling challenge and promote the practice of family peer support in the treatment of behavioral health challenges.

The new plan prioritizes three primary goals – leading the field, increasing presence and visibility, and expanding education and advocacy efforts.  In addition, principles of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) are woven into the fabric of each priority area, informed by the voices of the organization’s JEDI committee and the families we serve. MCF’s Development & Communications Department which was established in FY24 will identify, cultivate, and steward multiple and varied funding opportunities to ensure long-term sustainability of these strategic priorities.

As part of its efforts to Lead the Field, MCF will develop the Family Peer Support Academy which will provide standardized, high-quality training for new Family Peer Support Specialists as well as robust, ongoing professional development for all employees. The Academy will also serve as a model for organizations to train their own staff as family peer support professionals and lay the foundation for the creation of a state-level certification in family peer support.

MCF will also create a statewide plan that brings family peer support to underserved communities including those historically marginalized or impacted by institutional and system racism and discrimination.

As part of the second strategic priority, MCF will increase its statewide presence and visibility to raise awareness of the importance of family peer support as a critical component to supporting people with behavioral health challenges and those who love them.  Though MCF will celebrate its 25th anniversary during the first year of this Strategic Plan, it has often been called “the best kept secret.” The organization will ensure family peer support is a well-known service that complements other behavioral healthcare treatment options.

Finally, MCF will expand education and advocacy efforts to bring family voice into conversations about policies and legislation that impact individuals with behavioral health challenges and those who love them. Training parents and caregivers to be advocates and providing them with the opportunity to use their voice to effect change will be the cornerstone of MCF’s education and advocacy work.

The scope of this Strategic Plan created the need to revisit MCF’s mission and vision to ensure that they are inclusive of all people seeking family peer support.  As a result, MCF adopted new mission and vision statements and expanded its values and beliefs statement. Visit The MCF Difference: Connecting Through Shared Experience page on our website to learn more.