Board of Directors

MCF Board of Directors

MCF is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of at least 51% parents or caregivers of a child, adolescent or young adult with mental health or substance use issues; or individuals with family members or other loved ones with substance use or problem gambling issues.

Julie Giese
Jolie Golomb
Katherine Hunt
Stephanie Hutter-Thomas, PhD
Laura Kimmel
Mark Lancaster
Nancy McCarthy
Shelley Stokes-Hammond
Cynthia Sumner
Aaron Vander Meer

Consider serving on our Board of Directors

MCF's Board of Directors is seeking interested candidates for its volunteer Board of Directors. Our Board consists of both caregivers and professionals who share a passion for MCF’s mission and have a desire to give back to their community through Board service. We are currently seeking nominations for individuals with one of more of the following skills, experiences or attributes:

  • Parents or caregivers who care for children, adolescents or young adults with mental health or substance use issues
  • Individuals with family members or other loved ones with substance use or problem gambling issues
  • Professionals in the fields of finance, nonprofit fundraising or communications
  • Educators, researchers, policy makers and other individuals who can make significant contributions toward advancing MCF’s mission
  • Candidates with any other above characteristics who would promote the racial, ethnic, and geographic diversity of our Board (as a statewide organization, we aim for our Board to be representative of the state’s population) At this time, we seek Latinx candidates, and candidates who reside in Southern, MD, Western MD, the Eastern Shore and Baltimore City.

If you or someone you know is interested and would like to learn more about serving on MCF’s Board of Directors, please contact Darlene Collins, [email protected].