Employment Opportunities

Maryland Coalition of Families (MCF) helps families who care for someone with behavioral health needs. Using personal experience as parents, caregivers, youth and other loved ones, we connect, support and empower Maryland’s families. Our staff provide one-to-one support to parents and caregivers of young people with mental health issues and to any loved one who cares for someone with a substance use or gambling issue.

Current Openings:

Substance Use/Problem Gambling
  • No current openings                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Mental Health (with experience with the Department of Juvenile Services on behalf of a youth, adolescent or young adult) 


"What’s most meaningful to me about this work is giving families hope. Hope that they can find resources and have the skills to be able to speak up for what their child or family needs. I’m giving them their voice back.”


— Audra, MCF Employee

"What’s important to me about this job is being able to help someone else, so they don’t feel alone and ashamed. I’m teaching people that there is a way to take control and improve the situation for themselves and their children.”


— Nancy, MCF Employee

"My personal experience is everything. It gives me a different level of understanding. It helps me be more compassionate. Everything that I’ve had to do with my son, I can pass along."


— Crystal, MCF Employee