Resources for Recovery Supports During the Pandemic

Frequent contact with others who are in recovery is a cornerstone of 12 step programs. Together people provide mutual support in order to maintain their recovery. Yet currently the CDC has recommended cancelling all gatherings of 10 or more people, and Governor Hogan announced that the state will prosecute gatherings of 10 or more people. In the midst of this guidance, most Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Gamblers Anonymous (GA) groups have been cancelling their meetings. Instead, groups have begun to offer remote meetings.

This website from the Baltimore Region Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous has hourly updates on meeting closures and upcoming meetings via phone or on-line. It also provides instructions on how groups can set up a phone meeting.

In addition to groups setting up their own ad hoc remote meetings, there are established virtual meetings for those in twelve step programs. This website for the Freestate region of Narcotics Anonymous contains a list of meeting closures, and suggests that members download the app “In the Rooms,” which provides a list of remote meetings for a variety of twelve step programs.

Gamblers Anonymous is hosting a telephone conference call meeting every day of the week at 9:00pm Eastern Time, lasting for 2 hours. Meetings are scheduled to continue for a 2-week period, but may be extended additional weeks if required. Below are the details to call in for all the meetings.

Day and Time Call-in Number Meeting Code Email for Information and Questions
Sunday 9PM 712-770-5338 836083 # [email protected]
Monday 9PM 712-770-4925 554671 # [email protected]
Tuesday 9PM 712-770-4943 253824 # [email protected]
Wednesday 9PM 712-770-4160 611704 # [email protected]
Thursday 9PM 712-770-4981 872853 # [email protected]
Friday 9PM 712-770-4996 595094 # [email protected]
Saturday 9PM 712-770-5335 491301 # [email protected]

This is a particularly difficult time for those who are new to recovery. Twelve step programs are encouraging members to especially reach out to newcomers via phone to carry the message of hope and recovery.